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Concevion, a Minnesota USA company, is an international Anti-Oxidant supplier. Concevion and its affiliates, through many years work and research, have developed and acquired  certain valuable proprietary information and know-how relating to technologies, products and projects concerning Tocopherols, plant Sterols and other Sterol derivatives as well as the applications of these compounds as food and/or supplement ingredients and commercialization of these ingredients for human and Animal consumption both in business to consumer and business to business markets.

Concevion International specializes and holds proprietary information in the following areas,

  • Global markets of Mixed Tocopherols – Vitamin E, Phytosterols and Vegetable Oil Distillate.

  • Global market dynamics and regulatory environments of Anti-Oxidants and Phytosterols.

  • New Products Development and Commercialization

  • Strategy Development for Global businesses in particular Segments and/or Category.

  • New and existing business Value Addition & Value Capturing

  • Global Contract Negotiations.

  • Managing Change & Empowering others to also make Change

  • Leading and Managing Large Manufacturing facilities, Operation and their P&L.

  • Creating strategic Alliances and Partnerships

  • Adding value to the resources, processes and products through sustaining & disruptive Innovation methodologies

  • Specially tailored Customer service for smaller volume need companies.

  • Marketing focused on unserved segments, regions and geographies in Phytosterols and Vitamin E global space.

  • The products representation for major global manufacturers.

  • Unique package sizes and value added products to meet customer needs.

  • Access to multiple supply sources of Vitamin E / Sterols to assure supply chain continuity.

  • Expertise in Vitamin E – PhytoSterol in global Foods, Dietary Supplements and Feed application segments.



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