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We provide consultancy and Advice to our clients and customers in the following areas,


  • Global markets of Mixed Tocopherols – Vitamin E, Phytosterols and Vegetable Oil Distillate.

  • Global market dynamics and regulatory environments of Anti-Oxidants and Phytosterols.

  • New Products Development and Commercialization

  • Strategy Development for Global businesses in particular Segments and/or Category.

  • New and existing business Value Addition & Value Capturing

  • Global Contract Negotiations.

  • Managing Change & Empowering others to also make Change

  • Leading and Managing Large Manufacturing facilities, Operation and their P&L.

  • Creating strategic Alliances and Partnerships

  • Adding value to the resources, processes and products through sustaining & disruptive Innovation methodologies

  • Specially tailored Customer services for smaller volume need companies.

  • Marketing focused on un-served segments, regions and geographies in Phytosterols and Vitamin E global space.

  • The products representation for major global manufacturers.

  • Unique package sizes and value added products to meet customer needs.

  • Access to multiple supply sources of Vitamin E / Sterols to assure supply chain continuity.

  • Expertise in Vitamin E – PhytoSterol in global Foods, Dietary Supplements and Feed application segments.

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